Serving La Cañada Flintridge and the
surrounding communities since 1985

Rose Hogg founded Hogg's Hollow Preschool for her son Robert and his friends in 1975. Since 1985, we have been fortunate to lease part of the La Cañada School District's former Foothill Intermediate School, a large facility where we have our own preschool play area plus the use of the adjoining track and field. Having all this space available gives our students room to run on a beautiful grassy area. Needless to say, our students are physically fit!

We are also lucky to have a free shuttle program in La Cañada which allows us to take field trips to community facilities such as the nearby Fire Stations or to go for a hike along a local stream. Our students go places!




L.A. Parent Best of 2013 Seal

Highly skilled teachers who love children

Caring teachers with many years of training and experience. Children thrive when treated with respect.

A program crafted and polished for over 40 years

A creative hands-on-program that delights young children, including language arts, math skills, science experiments, music activities, dance lessons, art, cooking, field trips and much more!

An exceptional environment

A safe environment with lots of outdoor space. In addition to our own play yard with a fountain-fed river, a side-ways rock-climbing wall, and other climbing and sliding equipment, our students have room to run. Every day, we make use of the quarter-mile track beside our yard, so our students gradually become real athletes!

Open House

Open House: Saturday, March 3, 2018

10:00 AM to 12:15 PM

10:00 AM Mommy & Me tour
10:45 AM Preschool tour
11:30 AM TK & Kindergarten tour

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Welcome To Hogg's Hollow Preschool


We created Hogg's Hollow for our own son Robert, age 1 1/2, and his friends in 1975, and we have been constantly improving our program ever since.

For example, we learned to take the time to handle upsets between students so that they understand what went wrong and can prevent reoccurrences in the future. Parents are often amazed at school events to see our students playing happily together for hours.

This pays additional dividends because it creates a safe environment for the students. They can communicate freely and make friends.

We also learned to balance the time that students spend inside with time spent outside moving, whether climbing, riding or running, so our campus is ideal. After some outdoor activities, the students are ready to come inside to learn new skills.

We give our students lots of opportunities to expand their abilities and to experience new environments. Here are a few examples of activities:

  • Cooking: Grinding wheat with our grain mill and then baking bread
  • Hiking: Exploring a local stream, Hiking to the water tower
  • Science: Making butter, using our museum-sized microscope, launching water rockets
  • Exercise: Climbing along our horizontal rock-climbing wall to see how far they can get, riding trikes and bikes on the track
  • Art: Creating sculptures with clay

At Hogg's Hollow Preschool, we view every child as a wonderfully unique individual with unlimited potential. In our program, each student develops self confidence based on his or her own accomplishments. We work as a team with parents to raise children who are happy because they know that they can achieve their goals in life. And these happy children are a joy to everyone around them.

Owner/Director, Rose Hogg