Mommy/Daddy and Me — parachute games

Mommy/Daddy and Me

Our “Mommy/Daddy and Me” class is a perfect introduction for young children to a preschool environment and to interacting with other young children, with mom or dad in view. Children who participate in this program feel much more at home when they start preschool, whether at Hogg's Hollow or another preschool.


Preschool — Mom dancing with her daughter


Our preschool program is an introduction to school so it is designed for young children to have fun and to be stimulated by new experiences. Teaching is a creative activity and our teachers are constantly creating an environment which is exciting for our preschool students while recognizing and encouraging their individual interests.


Transitional-K — creating art in our teepee

Transitional Kindergarten

We provide a meaningful, rich and “full of outdoor experiences” transitional kindergarten program, where children may still enjoy exploring the outside world first hand.

More than half of our day is spent outside interacting with peers, teachers and bugs during biking, hiking, water play, chalk art, story telling, meal times, dance, and painting.

The classroom time is reserved for activities that exercise the small motors skills: drawing, cooking, sewing, board games, block building, cutting and pasting and lots of musical experiences. Our transitional-k program is a hybrid between preschool and kindergarten.


Kindergarten — Decorating our pumpkin


Our kindergarten students experience a theme-based curriculum that acts as a bridge to grade school. These five-year old children engage in a variety of literature-based activities exposing students to the written word, numerals, the arts and daily physical exercise.

A student who shows early emergent literacy is given privately tutored reading lessons. However, the most important aspect of all our programs is time spent exploring the outdoors, developing interest in the world and strong, healthy bodies. These kindergarten children are better prepared to succeed academically and socially as a result of early interaction with peers, teachers and the outdoor environment.


Tutored reading — The ideal way to learn to read

Tutored Reading Lessons

Reading is important because it opens the door to all of mankind's stored knowledge. Too often we observed children coming to us who had been turned off reading because of bad experiences, so gradually over many years, we worked on our reading program, trying many approaches to correct problems for newly arriving students and to help our students have a very positive experience. Finally, to ensure that each child becomes a successful reader, we created the ideal reading program: one-on-one tutored reading lessons where the child has all the teacher's attention and any confusions are immediately spotted and handled. This program was first piloted more than 15 years ago and has been an amazing success. Reading is too important to leave to chance.


Remote Programs — For children who don't live locally

Remote Programs

Our program for remote students allows home-schooling families to take advantage of our curriculum and experience while working with their child at home.

Parents have the benefit of our tried-and-true curriculum and the guidance of our expert teachers while experiencing the joy of teaching their own child.

  • Hiking the Gabrielino Trail

Questions about any of our programs?

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